Booktype 2.x
  • I'm testing Booktype master branch, and especially how books could be imported from another frontpage program. FMfr and FMen currently use Booktype 1.6.1, and also the books list could be retrieved together with the list-books. json file. We used it previously with the older Publisher frontend, and we still use it now with our custom fm-site program to import the created ePub, PDF and HTML files. My web designing has halted because of this.
    Unfortunately, it appears that the feature no longer works with Booktype 2.x. Is there another method to get the record from an URL, or can it be completely removed. 
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  • Hi Vishal,

    I confirm Booktype 2 no longer works with the list-books.json file, but uses a rest API to access book content (and more). There's an old discussion about it in this forum:

    Note that FMen now uses Booktype 2.4, but updates its books manually to the English frontpage. FMfr still uses the old Booktype 1.6.1 until someone (well, probably me...) write the code (in fm-site) to update the books automatically (no plan to work on it before next summer). Don't hesitate to send a merge request if you manage to fix it in your fm-site fork!