Not able to create Desks (for want of desk types) and the tabs Stage, People are disabled for me
  • Hi there,

         I am trying to create a desk in superdesk. However I realize that while I'm trying to create a desk (Add a new desk feature) , the UI is asking for a desk type ( sports or news etc.). I'm not able to create a desk in Superdesk for want of 2 things

    1. Not able to find a value for "desk type". Nor am I able to create one
    2. Desks are assoicated with stages and people. The "stages" and the "people" tab are disabled for me.

         Kindly look at the attached image.

         Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Raveendran V.
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  • hi,
    you have to load some initial data, in server folder (using virtual env) run:

    $ python app:initialize_data

  • i've updated the prepopulation script, in case if you're using docker-based setup you should update (to include this change and execute the script:

    Innovations developer, Sourcefabric
  • Sorry for the late reply Yauhen, Petr. I was not aware of this update because I did not get any mail notification. I had run ./scripts/ and that is how I was able to login with the "admin/admin" credential. As you can see from my screen, I'm already in. 

    Petr- I will try out your step and see how it goes. But does it do the same activity as 'docker-local-create-user'? Nonetheless, I will try out those steps tonight and let you know, how it goes.

    Raveendran V.
  • Hi!
    That script is doing the same and also creates an user (obviously :) ).
    The only difference what it's made to play together with an other script,, which can be used to start docker-based superdesk instance locally.
    Innovations developer, Sourcefabric
  • Hi Petr, Yauhen,

    I tried out your steps and I do not see any difference. Where do you store the desk details? Is it in MongoDB or the Redis datastructure db? I will do a manual update to those dbs, if you could tell me that.

    Raveendran V.
  • hello, mongo it is
  • Thanks Petr. Let me try that out.

    Raveendran V.
  • Thanks for the answer