When Clicking Listen Show Does Not Play
  • When I click the listen button the current show does not play.  Also it does not play on the site.  It does when I click the speaker under Library.
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  • I already added content to the show.
  • make sure the IP for your stream settings are actual IP of the machine like and not localhost or
    The last two is that you can only listen on that machine its installed.
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  • The stream url is sofradio.sofpomona.com.
  • I changed the stream settings to the ip address and it still doesn't work.
  • Has the stream successfully connected to your icecast server?
  • Yes.  The stream connects to the icecast sever.
  • I've completed all the above - but I still can't hear anything.

    What have I missed on airtime pro?
  • I am not using airtime pro.  I have a dedicated server that I installed airtime on.  Being the stream connects to the airtime server why does the stream not play when I click listen or in the player on the web site.

    Here is a link to the site.


  • @Greg I can see the stream is connected to your icecast server, and I can receive the stream in VLC so obviously that part is working (although it is currently broadcasting silence). So it must be an issue with your jquery/jplayer on your website...
  • I am suing the player I got from the airtime web site.  Do you know of a good player.  Also I get silence when I click on the listen button in the airtime admin.