Station ID at top of every hour
  • I'm at a college radio station and am currently lobbying  to use Airtime for our automation. We need to be able to play station IDs at regular intervals, but at the very least at the top of every hour (as per FCC regs.)

    We're also a bunch of lazy college students, and as such would prefer to have a way of doing this that's a little less time-consuming than just making a pile of playlists. Setting it to shuffle all the other tracks would also be helpful.

    Is there a way to do this?
    If not, is something like this going to be in an upcoming release?
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  • Of course there is a way to do that, although it's a liquidsoap setting rather than an Airtime one!

    Check this link out
  • Can I just say once again, we're not all a bunch of code monkeys...  :(|)

    I don't mind a line here or there, but not being a developer up front I'm hesitant to cut in a lot of code is nerve wracking to say the least.

    I know some of the functions we need will be there (hopefully) in 2.1.x and I have to agree with phcutty this is another needed function. 
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    In a perfect world, you're right ;)
    but you must wait for this, that's not for today or tomorrow (perhaps after tomorrow...)
    For the moment you have 2 solutions :

    - do nothing
    - find someone who know linux and liquidsoap (if he can work for free, good for you, else paid someone to do this ;)
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    anyway , try this :

    in ls_script.liq

    clock = single("~/clock/clock.pls")
    default= add([default, switch([({0m0s},clock)])])

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