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Status green, no error logs but onAir unlit!
  • Hi, 

    I've a Radio Station (actual version 2.0.1) running for testing. 
    There are some Playlist which runs for 5 hours or somedays there are a 24h program. 
    It runs allover 24/7
    But sometimes (even more than less) the playlist bar is moving at time, but the OnAir is not on.

    I've tried the tips from the faq (The progress bars show the song as playing, but ON-AIR is unlit. What's going on?)

    If I restart the airtime playout it seems that it get running again. But with a large lag (~ 5 Min. ) till starting the 
    output (or starting the onair light).

    Because the system have just 15 GB I've decrease the scheduler cache to 12h. So the average diskspace
    is between 45 and 65 %.

    I stream to an outsourced icecast instance which I've tested when the onair was off. I've streamed to the
    given icecast mountpoint and it runs great. So I can exclude the foreign icecast as error.

    Airtime Check System says :
    KERNEL_VERSION                 = 2.6.32-5-686
    MACHINE_ARCHITECTURE           = i686
    TOTAL_MEMORY_MBYTES            = 514636
    TOTAL_SWAP_MBYTES              = UNKNOWN
    AIRTIME_VERSION                = 2.0.1
    OS                             = Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.4 (squeeze) i686
    CPU                            = Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           X3210  @ 2.13GHz
    WEB_SERVER                     = Apache/2.2.16 (Debian)
    PLAYOUT_ENGINE_MEM_PERC        = 1.9%
    PLAYOUT_ENGINE_CPU_PERC        = 0.0%
    LIQUIDSOAP_PROCESS_ID          = 683
    LIQUIDSOAP_MEM_PERC            = 2.8%
    LIQUIDSOAP_CPU_PERC            = 6.9%
    MEDIA_MONITOR_MEM_PERC         = 1.7%
    MEDIA_MONITOR_CPU_PERC         = 0.9%
    SHOW_RECORDER_MEM_PERC         = 1.7%
    SHOW_RECORDER_CPU_PERC         = 0.0%
    RABBITMQ_PROCESS_ID            = 1037
    RABBITMQ_MEM_PERC              = 3.0%
    RABBITMQ_CPU_PERC              = 0.0%

    -- Your installation of Airtime looks OK!

    I hope someone can help me or give me new tips for testing!!

    Thanks a lot. It's so far a great software!!

    EDIT : Corrections... I've restarted the playout and nothing change since the last 15 Min.

    -- Tom
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  • Hi Tom,

    When the ON_AIR light is off, the stream is playing or not?

    Airtime Pro Hosting: http://airtime.pro
  • No Stream playing!
    The Metadata in the stream says it's offline.

    That's all. Rest is still working.

    Have attached a screenshot.

    -- Tom
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  • Hm, have 5 testing instances running.

    All with  onAir Light == offline...

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    send us your /var/log/airtime/
  • Ok, thanks!

    Here they are!
    This one are just from one machine. If you need from the others, I can send.

    Hope you will find something... :-)


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    stange ;)
    nothing found here ...

    can you send us your icecast log
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  • Ok, here the Icecast logs.

    I've tested different things. To an external Icecast, just to the local.
    And now to both..

  • Oh thats really bad. I've let run the system for somedays and it was never "onair" again. I think if I restart the playout it would get back again.

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    Hi Tom -
    It's possible you've run into this regression bug which is in 2.0.1:

    Pypo: if a user doesn't update anything on calendar for 24 hrs, playout will stop after 24 hours

    Try doing something on the calendar (add a show, add a playlist to a show, delete a show, edit a show...) and see if the next show starts playing.

    We are working as fast as we can to release 2.0.2 which will address this problem.
  • I get very similar behaviour, except I am most sure I updated the playlist not 24 hours ago, but less than hour ago.

    I installed airtime yesterday for testing purposes, and tried to schedule some content. Some of it played nicely but then some shows failed to trigger. The indicators in GUI were moving but the stream metadata displayed as "offline".

    Didn't find anything useful in the logs either, everything seems to be fine.
  • @Paul Baranowski

    Hm, my first edits in the playlists seems to trigger to pypo.
    The new show is playing!

    Will control it! (And wait for the next release)

    Thanks a lot!
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