No On Air Light, No Sound
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    I recently installed Airtime on a Debian 6 x86-64 machine using the quick install.

    The system seems to have installed fine and the web interface looks and works great. However whenever I have a show running and the interface says a song is playing the on-air light won't light up, I don't get any sound from my soundcard
    and my icecast airtime.ogg plays silence.

    When I run the airtime-check-system everything returns ok but it still gives me the message :

    --There appears to be problem with your setup. Please visit

    I have been over the forums quite a bit

    This post was very helpful :

    and I have run:

    ./liquidsoap 'output.icecast(%vorbis, mount="test.ogg", password = YOUR_PASS_HERE, sine())'



    ./liquidsoap 'output.alsa(sine())'

    gives me a permission denied error and if I sudo it, it won't run at all.

    I have made sure the icecast and liquid soap config passwords match in their respective log files.

    I have also installed files both through airtime-import and through the web interface, and changed the permissions on my stor directory as suggested in this post :

    I can't figure out what could possibly be wrong. If anyone has any suggestions I would be really greatful, this software is AWESOME and is really going to help our little college radio station (http://wcdbfm.coom) out a lot if I can get it working.


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  • Post your logs please Smile
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    Here are my logs.

    I am running on debian so I have to manually start rabbitmq-server on reboot so I think some of the liquid soap restarts are attributed to that but that issue stops once I get rabbitmq running.

    Any insight you can offer is greatly appreciated, if you need any other logs or info from me I am happy to post it.

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    Looks like liquidsoap is not able to connect to icecast. Did you set your password correctly in /etc/airtime/liquidsoap.cfg?