Newscoop 3.5.2 released
  • Dear all,

    Newscoop 3.5.2 is out now! The upgrade addresses security and stability issues with over 60 bug fixes, including improvements to the dashboard (your customisable workspace just got faster), the article edit screen (cleaner, stabler WYSIWYG editing, previewing and image handling) and the blogs, interviews and polls plugins (plus a new plugin enabling reCAPTCHA in comments). There are a few changes behind the scenes too which deal with tightening security so upgrade is strongly recommended.

    > Download
    > Manual (installation and upgrade guide)

    The deb and RPM packages are being worked on now and will be ready as soon as possible.

    Many thanks to everyone for their bug reports and feature requests. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to help!
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down kwebkweb
    Posts: 43Member
    To update it there any files & folders that have that should not be transferred to the site ?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down Andrey PodshivalovAndrey Podshivalov
    Posts: 1,526Member, Administrator, Sourcefabric Team
    no, you can safely update all files by 3.5.2