[campcaster-dev] Exorcizing NFS/SMB/SSHFS
  • Hi folks!

    To minimalize complexity, it would be nice to run a 2+ computer setup [1]
    without having to bother with network filesystems like NFS, SMB or SSHFS.
    According to my understanding of the locstor.accessRawAudioData XMLRPC
    method url return value [2], I did some research (with an interactive
    Python shell) and indeed was able to play the audioclip directly via this
    URL instead of accessing it via the filesystem. I therefore supposed that
    it is a client-side (scheduler and studio) constraint or design decision
    and so grepped for "file:/" in the sources and found f.e. these files:


    Now the questions:
    -Does the "file://" prefix stored in the database and x-mitted as filename
    in the return value of locstor.accessRawAudioDataOpen provoke the access
    to the filesystem?
    -What changes would be needed to make scheduler and studio using HTTP
    instead of accessing the filesystem?
    -What changes would be needed to extend scheduler and studio with some sort
    of "knob" to switch between HTTP access ("streaming mode") and filesystem
    use ("station mode")?

    I hope not to strain your attention and eagerly await your response,

    [1] http://trac.campware.org/campcaster/wiki/TwoComputerSetup
    [2] http://trac.campware.org/campcaster/browser/trunk/campcaster/src/modules/storageServer/var/xmlrpc/XR_LocStor.php?rev=3095#L402
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