MOS in Superdesk
  • Hello Super Team,

    We have recently installed a cloud instance of Superdesk and superdesk publisher and have since been learning about the CMS for the purpose of integrating it as part of an end-end  platform we are currently building to serve a community of broadcasters in their news & programming exchange.  The platform also includes a video centric MAM, media serverGraphics & an Automation apps. 

    Ultimately our aim is to adopt Superdesk as the core News CMS. 


    While we understand the challenges of adopting and adapting superdesk as a broadcast operation NRCS  we are also confident that it will genuinely be a game changer to the broadcast newsroom who are used to NRCSs that are usually studio operations centric rather than community centric.


    We are mindful of the adaptation challenges to the broadcast environment with the lack of a run-down (running order) structures  and interface with Graphics, studio automation such as tele-prompter, video player etc but we think these are fixable once the CMS becomes MOS compliant. 

    At this very moment our target is;

    1. Complete the installation of the CMS other components namely (Planning, utilities) and integrating with Live Blog.
    2. Integrate Superdesk with the MAM application.                    Is this is something the super team can help us with at this stage?  We would very much appreciate that.


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  • We used Newscoop (precursor to Superdesk) with Casparcg open source video playout server and Razuna open source digital asset management to automate newsroom in Bangladesh.
    MOS is indeed required by proprietary systems, but if everything is open source then MOS may not be required. :)
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  • @Zeeshan Hasan
    Thank you for sharing your experiences which are interesting.