Airtime default Username/Password
  • Hi!

    I recently discovered Airtime and I am eager to try it out!

    Just installed it on a machine running Debian 7, according to the instructions here. The installation ran smoothly without asking any input from me. After installation I tried to log in, browsing to localhost - but I have no login details to provide.

    Is there a default username and password?

    Tried running 
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure airtime
    but that didn't give me any option to put a password.
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  • the default
    Username : admin
    Password : admin

    Normally during installation it ask whether or not you want to put in a password,if you did not then use the default.

    You should change these under system users before putting your system in production

    When airtime is first install you can test it with the default then if you later want to put that system in production then just use the
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure airtime

    will allow you to reconfigure the system to default

    and it will use the default password and allow you to just change passwords,new calendar,playlist etc.

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  • i'm having the same problem,i did all of the steps,admin does'nt work nor does my recreated password work either
  • I have the same problem. Tried runnig
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure airtime

    but that didn't give me any option to put a password.