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Trying to pin-point the reason for "on air for few seconds before lights go off"-error .
  • Hello everyone.

    A airtime "n00b" here, but not new to linux and radio.
    Let me start by saying this is the software I`ve been looking for for a long time.
    After many hours with debian and then ubuntu 14 tries to get airtime running I had it running on ubuntu 14 in the end.
    This was in a virtual machine (esxi) ,but now that I wanted to do the installation again I run in to the same problems as first time,among them the "on air light on for few secs to go off" . I thought I knew how to solve this from first time around,but I must have done many many things and really don`t know which one helped me the first time around.

    My biggest problems as a airtime-"n00b" is that I do not know how to troubleshoot well,and what log-files to search for my issues. I`ve read here https://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/16452/help-station-suddenly-off-air/p1 and several other places (some linked to in that discussion) ,but since that is an old tread by now I wanted to make a new tread to try pin point why it is still happening (with new version since the last tread),and how to fix it.

    A little about the setup here.  A virtualbox is running ubuntu server 14.04 . The install is only for airtime/icecast-testing so I let the ubuntu install itself with english (us) locales (instead of my native,"Norwegian" ) just because on my first round with trying and making airtime work it was in this exact version of ubuntu,and one of the thing I did back then (to make airtime work) was to mess around with the servers locales setting. At that time the problem looked to be because of something related to language settings,but I thought it turned out to be something different. However since I this time around also run into some of the same problems I decided that when starting over for 3. time with new ubuntu (I just like to have a fresh installation,since my goal is to know an exact way of setting it up,working) I decided to keep defaults like english-us and so on. Only letting ubuntu know my keyboard is Norwegian.

    I decided to go for airtime_2.5.2-1_all.deb as that version seems newer than the one I`d get just doing apt-get install airtime ,and I am pretty sure the first time it worked was 2.5.2 and not 2.5.1 that apt provides. I`ve also read somewhere that 2.5.1 had a calendar issue or something.

    I also remembered to install silan_0.3.2-trusty-sfo-1_amd64.deb which is important because the default silan with ubuntu 14 has a bug that makes some audio files the wrong length.

    So I thought I took all the right steps to successfully install airtime with none of the issues I run into getting it working first time around,but now I`m here and I again feeling a bit lost.

    Is there a better way to do the installation to prevent getting these issues ?

    But more importantly how do I troubleshoot this problem and solve it? (because I only got lucky fixing it the first time it seems) .

    Best regards
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  • Before you do anything more, I would look here: http://libretime.org/ It is a newer fork of Airtime Pro and actively being improved.

    That said. I would go to /var/logs/airtime, delete all the files. Reboot. Wait until it fails and examine all the logs in there. Most clues are in pypo logs
    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
  • Thanks for that John Chewter.
    I did not know of libretime and will of course test that one out right away. I`ll even do a clean setup for it.
    This sounds like great news for me,a newer fork is actually maybe exactly what a lot of people might be needing since there are issues installing airtime on system with newer php-versions as the latest ubuntu servers,and Debian.

    Again, thanks. Now I have my evening filled.
  • Use Ubuntu 14 on it. and read the readme for the release. Has some good tips in it.
    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.