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  • I have questions regarding insertion of images into chapters.  So it is clear, I imported a docx file to start my book in omnibook pro and that seemed to work great.  I am having trouble with certain features associated with image insertion.  My goal is to a travel book that includes text and a number of captioned images inserted in that text.

    1. Are there Limitations on Size Per Image and Cumulative Size of All Images allowed in the Media Center.  I know that for an image to appear in the book, it is also necessary that it appear in the Media Center for the book.  In uploading images from an external source for insertion in chapters following directions in the users manual, I noticed that as the images were added to the media center, they were added from left to right in rows and then in the same manner in consecutive rows.  After a certain number of rows, as the images were uploaded, at some point, they displaced the position of images beginning in the first row.  My concern is that some limit was reached which started eliminating older inserted photos in place of newer inserted photos.

    So, is there a size restriction for all images in the Media Center?

    2. Captioning of the Images.  For the most part, this feature worked very well.  There were a couple of occasions, however, where when I added a caption to an image that had been uploaded to the media center, and then hit the insert button, the image would not appear and only the caption would appear aligned vertically instead of horizontally.  Is there any way to address this?

    3. Sizing Images.  I cannot see a way to size images once they are inserted into the chapters.  Is there a way to do this that I am missing? 

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me.

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  • 1. No, there is no general restriction how many images or what size you can upload. Certainly a very "heavy" book can cause issues.

    2. Not sure on what instance and version you are working, but our latest version includes a "layout" feature. If click on the image a floatig toolbar appears -> click on layout and choose a layout with caption. Save the change and you can edit the caption.

    3. Same here - if you click on the image the floating bar offers "Edit". You can resize the image manually how it shoud appear on the page. But keep in mind the appearance in the publication can be very different depending what export format you choose...

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