Airtime in an Icecast Hierarchy
  • Hi - is it possible to deploy Aitrime in a hierarchy of Icecast mountpoints? The use case is as follows:
    Airtime is used ot run live shows and replays as normal, when nothing is scheduled the Icecast falls back to a looping playout (on a separate mountpoint?

    The problem we have encountered is that Airtime seems to hold the mountpoint even if nothing is being broadcast. is this as expected?
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  • Are you using the usual hack of modifying the Liquid Soap script for a fall-back AutoDJ? Look in the Forum's 'Hacks' section for examples.

    If you have not modified the LS script then it will actually be broadcasting 'comfort noise' (low level white noise).

    Airtime logs onto Icecast (see the settings screen), so I would expect it to hold it until it logs out.
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    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.