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  • do I have the slowest Airtime server ever? when I take an empty show (as I said in another thread all my shows have emptied themselves spontaneously) and try to fill it with a playlist, it takes forever. A short playlist (12 titles) takes about 12 seconds to load. When I check all 12 titles and delete them again, it takes half a minute to do that. Why on earth does it take so long?
    When I load the show with a 24 hour playlist that contains hundreds of titles, the loading literally takes forever - nothing happens and I cancel the operation after several hours.
    I know that the server is cheap and old but it was cheap. I now think maybe I should have gotten a more expensive machine.
    How long do such things take on an expensive server? I would think it just takes seconds.
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  • My thoughts. I had a fully dedicated server running airtime and it worked great. I tried several VPS servers for various clients with ok-ish to poor results with one notable exception. afterburst.com
    The afterburst setup has special new generation hardware which greatly improves the performance. It was very close to my full dedicated server. It is only like 16$/m
    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
  • thx John. Unfortunately, we are a hobby station and run on a shoestring :)  otherwise, I'd buy an Airtime Pro account with everything ...