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my storage recentlly become full
  • i've been setting up my radio server for 3 months  straight. my media folder are less then 3GB including instalation. but now my disk space filled my most disk space into 60%. 

    is it a temp file in airtime? i didn't  add more media file for several weeks so i suspect there is temp file i didn't know how to delete that one. 

    any user experience with this?
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  • Look in var/logs
    I found some log files that were GB big!
    I wrote a small job to wipe them monthly
    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
  • i see. since i am noob in linux CLI. can you give me some pointer where exactly is located or can i make timed scripted to do the magic?

    also somehow because i instaled in lite version i can't use airtime command but the server works perfect. my drowback is i can't do any command in airtime related whatsoever.