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Can Airtime do...
  • Looking for a simple solution to start out with that will work on a single Linux system.

    Ideally it can:

    1 - schedule playing internet radio streams
    2 - schedule playing local mp3 files
    3 - output audio for transmitter thru ALSA or PulseAudio (via system's built in sound)
    4 - run on Raspberry Pi 3 hardware

    I've been reviewing the docs and I can't determine how the audio of the on-air stream is output. Seems icecast and shoutcast are only way?
    Also, not sure if an input stream like an internet radio station can be scheduled or it it must be downloaded to a file before it can be scheduled.

    Requirements are basic. Just can't tell if Airtime can do it.
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  • Yes it has been done. Search the forum for Pi
    Simple.. hmm took me a day to figure it on media boxes
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  • I have done it on 50$ Atom media boxes too
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  • Thx John,

    but my forum search hasn't found definitive, repeatable steps to get Airtime working on a Pi3. This seems to be the best thread: https://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/18114/howto-install-airtime-on-a-raspberry-pi-3/p1 (you even posted in there), but not adequate to get it working according to one fella who was giving it a solid effort trying.

    I may give it a try, but it sounds like it will take a LOT of trial and error (time wise costly) to get it going. As to your "Atom media box" approach that's all good & fine but I will make the Pi3 work one way or another, with or without Airtime.

    I like Airtime tho, as it is a comprehensive solution.
  • Take a look at libretime.org too, (especially in their Git Issues) which is a port of airtime pro and is even more comprehensive than 2.53..
    As Airtime is built upon LiquidSoap which does most of the 'heavy lifting', I would scour the LS maillist archives as I have seem much talk about Pis on there. You might get some good tips.
    Rabbit and the other stuff should be available on pi Ubuntu PPAs. I had to compile LiquidSoap & Silan from sources for my tiny box. It took an hour or more to find and install all the compiling tools & libs and about 12 minutes to compile it.
    I had the whole thing up from 'empty box' to streaming in about 6 hours. 4 of which were me scratching my head and finding things.

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