Sending User Notification Emails Not Working
  • I  have tried all day to get an email sent from Superdesk to no avail.  I have tried numerous methods.

    First, I reinstalled my Ubuntu 16.04 OS and did a clean Superdesk install using the curl method found in the git documentation

    I started setting up users and tried to send activation emails but nobody received the emails.  I checked the logs and it was reported that the emails were created and sent.  I then monitored all traffic going out of port 25 (which are the settings in the common.yml file but nothing was being sent to port 25.

    I installed postfix and that didn't work.  Then I removed postfix and installed sendmail and that didn't work.  I even tried editing the default sender name to something other than superdesk@localhost to see if my incoming email was blocked.  I am at a total loss and don't know what to do.  Please help!

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    Have you seen this instruction?

    you should stop dev SMTP server

    $ systemctl stop superdesk-smtp
    $ systemctl disable superdesk-smtp

    then setup postfix again and configure it properly.