[Recording] Problem with overwriting the recording - v.2.5.1
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    Actualy I have more of a question then a problem. I found out some time ago that recording maybe overwritten by new recordings nxt week. Let me explain the case... Imagine you have a repeating show at 10AM every monday. After your first show the recording is stored in the media library (e.g. ${ATLIBRARY}/recorded/43/2014/01/10:00:00-showname-192kbps.ogg). Ok seems fairly fine for now. However, next week we will lose that recording. If you would have a close look at the path you would find the year and the month of the recording... but where is the day of the month? :) So.. next monday arrives. The show is being recorded and Airtime saves it as ${ATLIBRARY}/recorded/43/2014/01/10:00:00-showname-192kbps.ogg. Previous show recording K.I.A. being overwritten.

    In some previous versions of Aitime, and I'm quite sure of it, the file name consisted of full date. Now my question: Was the elimination of that date intended? Is that behaviour (overwriting) intended or is it a bug?
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    Seems like a bug, thanks for letting us know. I don't know of any reason off-hand why this would be by design. I've filed a bug in our tracker and hopefully we can fix it in our next maintenance release:


    Thanks for reporting this!
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  • bumping the topic, anyone?
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  • Did this issue ever get resolved? I have the same problem after a reinstall due to a crashed hard drive. My feeling is I missed something in the install but I can't find anything different. I appreciate any guidance.