INSTALL Airtime on Shared-VPS-Dedicated Server not home made computer
  • Hi everyone
    I keep reading docs about how to install airtime on your own personal system at home, my question is: if you already have a server, be it shared, or VPS, or even dedicated, how do you install it? any company offers the service? since everyone who tried is complaining about errors?
    Also, what are the ideal system requirements for the server to stream without blowing up to thousdands of simultaneous listeners? I am guessting ubuntu should be cheaper since open source. 
    Thanks everyone for your help.

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  • It is quite possible on VPS, the OS just has to be a compatible one.

    It is less likely on shared hosting, as each provider has their line on what they are willing to install for security and performance issues, and also usually have terms of service forbidding various usages that software like Airtime is used for. By far, the best way is to just do this at home, on a good VPS, or in co-location.. Not to mention you would need sufficient permissions in SSH.

    Probably not the answer you were looking for, but it is something.. Good luck, and if by now you figured something out, congrats.