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Shoutcast DSP to Airtime Master source
  • Greetings,

    I finally managed to get Airtime working on Ubuntu 14 with the configurations I needed after messing with this and that and several virtual machine builds.

    The problem I am facing now, is connecting to airtime from Shoutcast DSP for a master show.

    I am not interested in switching to icecast until they can get station and album art working.

    I have ideas as to how I am going to do this in airtime (the arts) but it still relies on meta-data in shoutcast.

    Without getting too far off course, I am getting stuck with a "receiving authorization response" when connecting from DSP..

    I have done some research into the issue, no clear response on the subject except use another client or use icecast.

    There has been mention of adding icy=true to a ls_script, but I am still in the dark on this.

    Has anyone, who is active on this site now, gotten shoutcast dsp working on the current release of airtime?

    If so, how?

    I have seen in the past others have gotten it working, but the instruction was unclear and adding the suggested lines to ls_script.liq causes liquidsoap to fail to load

    Thank you,

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