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  • Grisha
    I installed and configured the exim4 mail server on my server as attached update-exim4.conf.conf file, as well as attached the file with the current configuration ...

    Even so when I use the module of Publication delivery by email ... I am not successful ..

    Could you help me in that sense ...
    If you can show me the exim4 settings that you use .. would already be of great help ..

    In the attachment the configuration files
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    please check this

    supervisorctl status | grep mail

    if it's RUNNING, this is dev SMTP server and emails are accessible on "<your_domain>/mail/" url

    then you need

    supervisorctl stop mail

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  • Grisha,
    Thanks for listening…

    My scenario is as follows:
    I need to publish an article with type of delivery "email", I configured the subscriber
    With address "" ....
    However if I run the command supervisorctl stop mail and then I post the article via

    I get this error message
    PublishEmailError Error 11000 - Email publish error: [Errno 111] Connection error

    But if I run the command supervisorctl start mail

    I do not get an error message and the file gets written to / var / log / superdesk / mail / 201714

    But said file is NOT SENT TO EMAIL ""

    Is there anything else you need to do?
    Attached my exim4 configuration file ...
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    supervisorctl start mail

    This is development SMTP server and seems superdesk sends emails.
    But configuration of proper real SMTP server is not topic fo superdesk forum...
  • Okay, thanks for your answer.

    I'll try to figure out which REAL SMTP setting suited to send Superdesk Publishing ...

    If you know of any that you can tell me to serve as an example ..

    Thank you very much in advance