Ingest, route, filter Questions!!
  • 1. How do we automatically ingest articles into Superdesk (from files / emails) ? Currently, we are goint to Ingest Dashboard and manually fetching the articles.
    2. How do I configure the routes and macros? Where can I find the information?
    3. How do I send an incoming article to a different desk based on the content in the subject of the article? For example, if the subject in an email contails Tennis, it should be sent to Sports Desk. This should happen automatically without me having to do it manually in the Ingest Dashboard.

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  • Hi Sainadh!

    To ingest news items and automatically route them to certain desks you need to set filter conditions and content filters. You can find some documentation right here on this Wiki page

    Hope this helps!


  • Hai Holman,

    Thanks alot..It's worked!!!.