Recovering older posts on live incoming stream fallback
  • Hi:
    I have been trying to read up on how to set up a fallback within Airtime for where a live encode disconnects. ie: the studio is running BUTT or Mixx and the internet connection drops. I found the start of some great threads, but the clickthrus had been removed.

    I saw posts about using the icecast fall back mount point. However... I could not find how to tie is back to allow me to manage 'everything' within Airtime, thus giving me the visibility into what is going on.

    I  have a partial test bed up and running that will allow me to do some experimenting. I would like to start from a known base, rather than going over old ground.


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  • You can change this line:

    default = amplify(id="silence_src", 0.00001, noise())

    in the liquidsoap script ( /usr/lib/airtime/pypo/bin/liquidsoap_scripts/ls_script.liq in airtime 2.5.1 )

    to something like:

    default = mksafe(single("/path/to/my/file.mp3")

    Or change it to a playlist, or whatever you want. Check here for some options:, or as you say, setup a icecast fallback mount point

  • James
    Thanks... I may be making life waaayyy too complicated. The solution I am going to try is
    * Set up a show, add in a playlist
    * Enable source encode

    When the show starts, if the source encode is running, the switch should picks up the live encode. If the live encode drops, the switch should fall back to the playlist. If the source encode comes back, my hope is that the stream will switch