Scheduling exact to the second in HH-MM-SS
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    AFAIK Airtime yet does only accept to schedule exact to minutes.
    Since I have in mind that Liquidsoap supports seconds as the smallest unit of measurement,
    I want to know, if this would also be possible with Airtime. (maybe in a future version)

    Since missing a second (physical) Input-Source-Handling, we are live-rebroadcasting BBCNews over webstream instead of Satelite-Source via Line-In.
    And because of small stream delay the rebroadcast will not start exactly at 07:01:00, it will start at 07:01:05s.
    With placing a 15sec intro before the stream, it would be necessary to start the show at 06:59:50

    Let's say it in a sentence...

    Feature Request for Scheduling exact to the second in HH-MM-SS
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    that's really great (mainly for webstreams...)
  • Yes definitely!
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    this functionality + ability to use a 2nd audio input would be fantastic.
    Until then, we have to do a fallback to a 2nd Automation System which does SmartPlaylisting, delage and BBC pointed to the second. But i would love to use Airtime for everything ;-)
    creating a dev-ticket would be very nice!
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  • I use a radio automation system that I don't like at all (and which shall remain nameless), and would love to switch to Airtime.  I think this is the way a radio automation system should be architected.  However, there are a few gotchas that prevent us switching: First and foremost is scheduling to the second.  For a radio station, I think it's critical.  For instance, we are required to air a station ID every hour.  We have station ID's recorded from a number of local personalities that are 15 seconds long each.  I don't see a way to schedule a 15 second spot each hour.  Also, our network feed schedules to the second, and some hours begin at 00:00:15.  If I can't schedule to the second.... I basically can't switch to Airtime.  Another gotcha is the need for a direct audio-in channel, not via a roundabout, high-latency method such as using Shoutcast between the audio in on the soundcard and the app.
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    Airtime development as an open-source project is currently on hold due to the SourceFabric devs needing to focus all of their attention on which is a completely web and cloud-based SaaS. I've been working on a fork based on the code that was previously on github and I've been working on creating a means for specific playlists to be auto-scheduled for each show, this would enable someone to create a playlist with a station ID block followed by the rest of their information.

    Another option I've considered is having an option to basically overdub the audio.

    One of the issues currently with alsa in/out is that there is a built-in multi-second buffer with liquidsoaps alsa playout that I need to figure out how to minimize.

    As far as turning the shows down to be able to be scheduled to the second this could be another option that could be done but with all of the latency built-in it'd hardly be accurate without a lot of mods.

    I'll be posting something on the board when I get something release ready. If anyone is interested in helping let me know.