Superdesk on Amazon EC2: waiting for mongo
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    Hi guys, I am trying an install of Superdesk with Docker on Amazon EC2 running Ubuntu 14.04. I can get to login page on Superdesk but can't login and the terminal just constantly shows:

    backend_1  | waiting for mongo...
    backend_1  | waiting for mongo...
    backend_1  | waiting for mongo...

    I don't really see any errors. The only thing I see when I go to create an admin user using the script ./scripts/ I get 'Requirement already satisfied' for most things but right at the end I get:
    Starting docker_elastic_1...
    Starting docker_postfix_1...
    Starting docker_mongodb_1...
    Starting docker_redis_1...
    Starting docker_logstash_1...
    Cannot start container 495a922ad23a49bead2bd97f7d95a7e2de144d5424ef3404608e38566c0683d6: Cannot link to a non running container: /docker_mongodb_1 AS /docker_backend_run_5/mongodb_1

    not sure if this means much. Any ideas to where I might be going wrong. I have done numerous install on local Ubuntu with no problems but can't seem to get this one going

    Many thanks in advance

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  • mongodb container did not started, check in the logs messages from it.
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    Hi Yauhen, yeah issue was insufficient disk size and memory. Was trying to run it with 8gb of HD and 1gb RAM and getting errors regarding journal file size from mongo. Upped to 17Gb HD and 2GB of RAM and running fine now! Many thanks, Tom
  • I have the same problem with Amazon t2.micro and t2.small instances.
    Mongodb is not loading.

    Can you help me?
  • Here is the amazon instances' description:

    Model 		vCPU 	Mem (GiB)
    t2.nano 1 0.5
    t2.micro 1 1
    t2.small 1 2
    t2.medium 2 4
    t2.large 2 8

    Superdesk by default requires at least 1.5-2 GB RAM.
    And mongo+elastic require some too, so you need at least t2.medium if you going to run superdesk on the same host as databases (ie like it happens when you are running the default docker-compose profile).

    When using external databases (ie only superdesk will be installed on the server) t2.small should be enough.
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  • With ts.medium instance I have the same problem
  • please upload the full log then

    also try removing `./data/` directory and restarting the scenario
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