Shoutcast stream setup
  • Just trying to work out what to put as default settings when using a shoutcast input for the master stream;

    there are mount point and user entries which are now invalid. I think i read somewhere that the user should be stream but I now can't find a clue to the mount point entry.

    thanks for any help, liam
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  • Shoutcast is dead. Switch to Icecast.
  • Hi Liam,

    Are you streaming from shoutcast to airtime or output from airtime to shoutcast ? I've assumed the latter but correct me..

    The way we had shoutcast set up, we were feeding sc_trans and sc_serv from airtime. The username and password are set in sc_trans configs in the form of;


    and in airtime the username is left blank and the password field had;


    you can set your mount point to whatever you like as long as the streampath is set in sc_serv config in the same way..

    i.e. in airtime; mountpoint output.mp3

    in sc_serv; streampath=/output.mp3

    This is past tense because the recent versions of shoutcast can't read the id3 tags that airtime provides, and the older versions of shoutcast can't connect to the YP and as a result broadcasts silence. Sadly, in short Roger is correct. We're moving over to icecast2 ourselves.
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  • @ neural net

    could you explain a bit more about the id3 tag. which dnas from shoutcast do you use and which airtime version. 
    I use dnas 2.4.7  and airtime 2.5.1, we just changed to airtime and id3 tags are importend for how we use our website. It seems to be working fine for now and also what do you mean with not connecting to yp.

    Thanks in advance :-)

    Also if shoutcast changes, then i think airtime should see how they could rewrite some code so shoutcast is still a option, i would be really bad i think if icecast is the only option. 

  • DNAS version; SHOUTcast Server v2.4.7.256/posix(linux x64)
    Airtime 2.5.1

    As I recall, we were using an earlier version of DNAS (2.0.x or something similar) but it stopped connecting to the YP and would only broadcast silence even though airtime was connected. I was able to set it as a private server and get the streams back online but no YP. We then upgraded the DNAS to 2.4.7 and although it connected to YP, and broadcast the stream, the ID3 tag always showed the 'Offline' message, not the ID3 correct tags. This did not get corrected despite removing and re-installing airtime 2.5.1, so I gave up and switched over to icecast.

    Incidentally, now that we have icecast working fine, when we have the ID3 tags set to 'Show - Artist - Title', the show is wrong despite the artist and title being correct.. So maybe it's airtimes fault afterall not DNAS.
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