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  • Hello,

    can anyone help me with track changes ? I have configured all possible parameter but nothing appens when user edit and change some chapters.

    I look also in documentation but nothing about his configuration.

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  • Hi Certaine, 

    Not sure on which instance you are working and what you exactly configuered. 

    in principle: In the editor - when you are writing in a chpater - the track changes are available on the right side tab. You have to switch them on and to make them visible also "Show changes". See screen shot (to avoid cinfusion the screenshot shows the setting track changes off). 

    Hope this helps?


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  • Thanks Julian for your reply.

    I've configured like in your screen shot but when user change something, the other users participating in the book, they don't receive any notification email.  So I wonder if a notification system is connected to the tracking and if it is the case then how to make it work.

  • There is no notification by mail. The other users can see the changes marked red and green in the text like in word when they re-enter the chapter someone edited. 

    May I ask - why should they receive a mail? What is the intention?

  • We are testing experimentally your good product for collaborative writing. We would like to use it to produce our quarterly magazine. We would love to have a workflow of editors, proofreaders and DTP, and they are notified at each change of status of the article, such as for reporting to proofreaders that a certain article is finished drafting and that can begin the corrections.


  • We have no mail notifications, but some helpful tools. 
    CHAPTER STATUS: e.g. you can use the status ()new, ready for proof reading, needs more content etc...)  in the toc view to give each chapter a own status so the proof reader know etc. know the chpater is ready for them. You can edit these status individually for each book in the book settings. 
    CHAT: We have a chat in the book to communicate 
    HISTORY: history of all editorial steps bookwise and chapterwise to kept track of all changes. 
    TRACK CHANGES: additionally we have the track changes.

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    Hi Certaine,

    Thanks for this feedback. Please see the chat feature in the attached screenshot, with status and save notifications. The user only sees these messages when working in the editor.

    There is a list of Recent Activity on the info page for each book. However this list does not currently include notifications for chapter status, or send an email on every change. If you think this is a good idea, please open a New Feature ticket for Booktype at using the same username and password as for this forum.


  • Thank you so much for all your advice. The status of the chapters is exactly what we like in the workflow (we have seen that is customizable for each book), unfortunate that there is not a notification system because it would make our work much easier and we would be safe from forgetfulness.

    In any case thank you and hope that we can add an option in this direction in the future.

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