Logging in to Superdesk on a client machine via a Web Browser
  • Hi there,

    I have successfully installed Superdesk on a server machine running Ubuntu 14.04.

    I am able to log into Superdesk on the server's web browser using local host or

    However when I connect to Superdesk on a separate client machine via a Web Browser using the IP of the server ( I can get the superdesk login page up however it will not accept my login details which are just:

    username: admin

    Password: admin.

    These details work just fine when logging in on the server itself?

    The error message I get on the client machine is "Sorry, but cant reach the server now, please try again later."

    Is there something I need to change for client machines to be able to login?

    I would like to get superdesk working for user's in a test environment so I want them to be able to access from their own computers.

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  • Hi!
    have you changed ip to the one on which the server is listening here:

    Otherwise the frontend is trying to reach the backend on
    Innovations developer, Sourcefabric
  • Hi Yauhen,

    I did change everything in there from to previously.

    It looks to be working now!

    I had to run the
    <font face="Arial">./scripts/docker-local-create-user.sh command again to create a new user when I changed the IP address in common.yml <br><br>Thanks for your help! <br></font><br>
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