Liveblog: Old posts missing in Editor after upgrade
  • Hi,

    I'm running a demo instance, based on docker/docker-compose-prebuilt.yml. After upgrading the docker images today, the liveblog editor doesn't show up old posts anymore, although these posts get successfully fetched from the API in the background.

    Besides that, after updating the themes_assets/ on S3, the published blogs also stopped working.

    Are there manual migration steps needed between versions? And is there a way to republish blogs on S3?

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  • Hi Martin,
    please check the notes for the latest release:
    Yes, the database needs to be updated. Once you update, the posts will be shown both in the editor and the embed (published blogs).

    • IMPORTANT NOTE if you are updating from previous versions: The Sticky posts feature requires a new "sticky" property that has been added for each post in the database. If you are updating from previous versions, please update your database after update and set(patch) the sticky property of every post to false. Otherwise the (old) posts would be displayed neither in the timeline nor in the embed. Custom themes also need to be changed to display sticky posts. If you encounter any issues, please contact the team.

  • Hi Karel,

    I've added a {"sticky": false} to all entries with type "composite" in the db.archive collection (right place?), but without visible effect in editor.

    Besides that, it seems there's a JS file missing in the blog templates, namely /themes_assets/angular/liveblog-embed/services.js, which I had to add to all index.html on S3.

    As said, I'm using docker-prebuilt setup. Question for my understanding: /themes_assets/ on S3 have to be in sync with the ones from the running superdesk docker container?


  • Also it's possible to choose version here:

    For that change "liveblogmaster" to, for example, "liveblogv306"
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  • Thanks, good to know!

    But there's a showstopper: Two js-includes missing in the index.html on S3 now:


    Even after creating a new blog.