Ways to rescan all library with silan
  • Is that possible to manually start rescanning of all tracks by silan? I met problem, that some tracks were counted with wrong length, much more than track have.

    Ubuntu 14.04.2

    # dpkg -s silan | grep Version
    Version: 0.3.2~trusty~sfo-1

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  • Hi, I have the same problem. A lots of tracks do not have the good length, they are then cut when played. If I edit the metadata of such a file, the lenght is recalculated and becomes correct.
  • mv /usr/bin/silan /usr/bin/silan2

    This solved the problem for me.
    Turns out silan was the cause.

    But I have run mp3val and mp3gain on all my tracks then added id3 tags using musicbrainz.
    So I was a bit more sure about the integrity of my files.

    Many people here has problems with silan.
    So I just moved the executable and restarted everything. Now I swear less compared to when I just used it with Airtime (:
  • Hi, it did not work at all here. In fact I have a lot of problem with this version of AirTime (first, the songs did not have the good length, then I had always two songs at the same time, then I undid the manipulation over silan, I still had two songs played at the same time and now the songs played twice or three times,...)
    I think this version has too many problems for now, I plan to re-install Ubuntu 12.04 and AirTime 2.5.1 ...
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  • Voisses Tech, sure, as i written at first port, my version is 0.3.2~trusty~sfo-1, specially fixed for ubuntu 14.04
  • Although helpful answers, they do not answer the original question: Is there a way to force a re-scan of all files with silan, I would also like to know if this is possible, I have phpPgAdmin installed.
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  • Having done some experimentation, I have found that one way to force a rescan of files seems to be to rename the watched folder: i.e. if your folder is called /srv/airtime/stor, try renaming it to something like /srv/airtime/stor1. This should envoke a scan which will of course result in a lower number of files, if the files are not rescanned automatically, try using the command: "sudo invoke-rc.d airtime-media-monitor restart".

    Once the initial scan has completed, rename your watched folder back to what it was before and use: sudo "invoke-rc.d airtime-media-monitor restart" again if needed.

    All of your files should be back as they were before and they should have been rescanned.

    Remember that the silan package is buggy to say the least, there is only one version I have found to work correctly and if the version is wrong the file lengths might be innacurate.
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