Anyone experience how to deal with content theft?
  • Hi,
    since a while we have issues with content theft.
    We started blocking certain IP's of bots, what helped at least for a while, but we still have issues with copy and paste.
    Would be interesting how others deal with that - particular using Newscoop.
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  • Frank,

    Try subscribing to Cloudflare ( - the basic plan is free and you can configure it to present certain types of content theft such as right clicking and copying/pasting. You can also blacklist specific IP addresses.

    You might also visit the Wayback Machine ( regularly to make sure it spiders your website and makes a copy of pages - this makes it easier to prove content theft as it is an independent copy of your website.



    Did you notice that the most successful companies today are the ones which shares and collaborate with others in todays world.

    We call it open source.

    Its what is driving the world today.Even Artists who would not have a chance in snowball hell with the big conglomerates ,could go on some video sites ,keep working at it an in no time become superstar.

    I say that to say this,if you have contents and are creative then you should not be afraid keep improving it by putting it out there and keep improving it.Spend your time developing security features and patents will just encourage people to steal it.The more you keep things away from others ,is the more "the child mind" in them either wants them to come after it or they get bored and do not want it because a better alternative comes along.

    So here are my thoughts

    Ustream force you to look at 20 -30 seconds slots of Ads with many overlays
    You tube give you 3-5 seconds of Ads. I find myself sometimes watching  5 to 6 full 45 -60 second adds.whilst I scoff at the the former.

    Go out and continue develop creative ways to encourage and captivate the audience who seeks to have what you have.
    Popularity is worth more today than Obscurity
    As a general notice Microsoft will be releasing SQL server for Linux this MAY 2016.
    Videos are now download able by  some of the Streaming Vendors (remember DRM) and so on

    Ingenuity and creativity needs popularity to make money, or die an hungry man trying to prevent others from getting it.
    Thats my 5cent piece


    Anyone reading this a find it funny about my grammar , I make no apology ,Go get a translator.
    "The Problem with education today is that it takes a university degree to switch on a light bulb"
    "You learn from your mistakes but wise people learn from others mistakes avoid Making mistakes there is not sufficient rooms to make them"
    "Innuendo","If's","Assumptions" and "Fear" are for politician.Who,What,where,When and How are for those seeking knowledge and care about Humanity.
    "I might be in Mud but that does not Make me a Wild Hog(pig)"
    “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
    "The only thing that remains constant is change itself"
    May the force be with you,until our path or destiny bring us in tandem.