web interface stucked
  • Hello,

    After some month of running airtime without big problems (one unexplained crash some weeks), now the web interface hangs when I try to add a new show.  Sometimes, my web explorer talk about the "mutation-summary.js:598" script who's stuck. I've try from linux and windows, with firefox or chromium, always the same problem.
    The logs doesn't show any errors :
    $ cat /var/log/airtime/pypo-liquidsoap/ls_script.log |grep warning
    $ cat /var/log/airtime/pypo-liquidsoap/ls_script.log |grep error
    $ cat /var/log/airtime/pypo/pypo.log |grep warning
    $ cat /var/log/airtime/pypo/pypo.log |grep error
    2016-01-25 15:49:44,876 DEBUG - [api_client.py : get_stream_parameters() : line 504] - {u'stream_params': {u's3': {u'admin_pass': u'bla', u'enable': u'false', u'
    name': u'', u'url': u'', u'type': u'mp3', u'mount': u'bla_mp3', u'liquidsoap_error': u'waiting', u'channels': u'stereo', u'host': u'airtime.radiobla.org', u'a
    dmin_user': u'admin', u'user': u'', u'pass': u'bla', u'genre': u'', u'output': u'icecast', u'bitrate': u'48', u'port': u'8000', u'description': u''}, u's2': {u'a
    dmin_pass': u'bla', u'enable': u'true', u'name': u'Radio bla', u'url': u'http://www.radiobla.org', u'bitrate': u'64', u'mount': u'bla_hd', u'liqui
    dsoap_error': u'OK', u'channels': u'stereo', u'host': u'airtime.radiobla.org', u'admin_user': u'admin', u'user': u'', u'pass': u'bla', u'genre': u"Radio d'\
    xe9ducation populaire", u'output': u'icecast', u'type': u'ogg', u'port': u'8000', u'description': u'bip'}, u's1': {u'admin_pass': u'bla',
     u'enable': u'true', u'name': u'Radio bla', u'url': u'http://www.radiobla.org', u'bitrate': u'64', u'mount': u'bla_ld', u'liquidsoap_error': u'OK', u'cha
    nnels': u'stereo', u'host': u'airtime.radiobla.org', u'admin_user': u'admin', u'user': u'', u'pass': u'bla', u'genre': u"bip", u'
    output': u'icecast', u'type': u'mp3', u'port': u'8000', u'description': u'bip'}}}

    $ airtime-check-system
    AIRTIME_STATUS_URL             = http://airtime.radiobla.org:80/api/status/format/json/api_key/%%api_key%%
    KERNEL_VERSION                 = 3.12.46-guest-39-a97a54c-x86_64
    MACHINE_ARCHITECTURE           = x86_64
    TOTAL_MEMORY_MBYTES            = 1008052
    TOTAL_SWAP_MBYTES              = 524284
    AIRTIME_VERSION                = 2.5.1
    OS                             = Debian GNU/Linux 7.9 (wheezy) x86_64
    CPU                            = Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz
    WEB_SERVER                     = Apache/2.2.22 (Debian)
    PLAYOUT_ENGINE_MEM_PERC        = 1.8%
    PLAYOUT_ENGINE_CPU_PERC        = 0.0%
    LIQUIDSOAP_PROCESS_ID          = 3222
    LIQUIDSOAP_MEM_PERC            = 2.2%
    LIQUIDSOAP_CPU_PERC            = 5.9%
    MEDIA_MONITOR_MEM_PERC         = 2.2%
    MEDIA_MONITOR_CPU_PERC         = 0.0%
    -- Your installation of Airtime looks OK!

    The server is up to date.

    It's possible the database was "corrupted" (due to hard reboot) without showing error in the posgres log ?

    Thanks for your help !
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  • What about the PHP / webserver logs. The two places you were looking for errors are not directly related to where you might be having problems. I'm not 100% sure where the 2.5.1 logs are stored since I really started delving into the code post 2.5.2 but I believe it is stored in the zendphp.log there. That might have a more useful error as that is where any errors the web interface might provide are located.
  • Nothing in the apache log.
    About the zendphp.log :
    When I add a new show, my browser crash but I see nothing in the log. The new show is created when I reconnect.
    When I delete a show, just before stuck my bother, a line appear in the log :
    2016-01-27T15:28:26+01:00 INFO (6): [ScheduleController.php : eventFeedPreloadAction() : line 139] - month

    If I search for errors in this log, I find some occurrences like this :
    [index.php : () : line 73] - #0 /usr/share/airtime/application/forms/AddShowWhen.php(274): exception_error_handler(8, 'Undefined varia...', '/usr/share/airt...', 274, Array)

    It's help you to understand ???

  • did you make any changes or modification?
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  • On the interface code ? no. The only change I made is applying this script about recording sound without soundcard. I can disable it but I don't think is linked to my problem ?
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  • I'm currently having the same problem right now.
  • Hello, I'm having the same problem. It stucks when I add a show, change metadata of a file, deleting a file, etc...
  • Which version of Airtime is everyone running ? I'm assuming 2.5.1 because that is the version that most people tend to run.
  • Hello,

    I did a backup/reinstall and now it seems to work fine. 

    Here is my config :
    TOTAL_MEMORY_MBYTES :  2012140
    AIRTIME_VERSION :  2.5.1
    OS :  Debian GNU/Linux 7.9 (wheezy) x86_64
    CPU :  Intel Xeon E312xx (Sandy Bridge)
    WEB_SERVER :  Apache/2.2.22 (Debian)
    STATION_NAME : Radio Campus France
    PHONE : 
    EMAIL : 
    NUM_OF_USERS : 3
    NUM_OF_SONGS : 294
    UNIQUE_ID : 6b500d3f9ebea50d2abcad0a2489a665
    INSTALL_METHOD : debian_install
  • I have just had a similar issue today regarding adding a show to be recorded and rebroadcast. The error I had was similar to yours:

    2016-02-04T15:53:02+00:00 INFO (6): [index.php : () : line 71] - Undefined variable: hours
    2016-02-04T15:53:02+00:00 INFO (6): [index.php : () : line 73] - #0 /usr/share/airtime/application/forms/AddShowWhen.php(303): exception_error_handler(8, 'Undefined varia...', '/usr/share/airt...', 303, Array)

    I then compared the AddShowWhen.php file with the latest file on github:


    and noticed there were some differences, specifcally relating to this issue. So I just copied the github file to my server and it solved the issue. You might want to check/diff these files too as it may solve your problem.

  • Hello James Dunn,

    Thanks for your message. I changed the file as you did but my problem was not solved...

    Once i reinstalled it was ok but it's maybe a problem of full disk space. Do you know how many space should be free for airtime works fine ?
  • This is what my server has:

    rootfs 20G 2.3G 17G 13% /

    /dev/sda3 3.6T 1.3T 2.2T 37% /mnt/airtime

    I always have the audio directory on a separate hard drive. If you have a few gigabytes free for the OS you should be fine.

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  • Like a good old proprietary system, reinstall it have been fixed my problem ;-)