Need Dutch Help!
  • Hello

    I need some help about airtime liquidsoap script.
    How can i uploud the script... I can not find any clear instructions about this.
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  • What is it you are trying to do?
  • Hello Verheek,

    I need this script below, i do not know exactly how to get this in Airtime.
    I understand that i can do this with putty but nothing more.
  • Ah now i see that you are talking about my post... this is NOT a liquidsoap script! this is a direct change on the source code of the liquidsoap it self! you dont upload anything, you edit files of airtime administration for this and my opinion is that since you dont even know what this is about then DONT DO IT.
  • Is there a possibility that you could help my with this.
  • The idea is to take the code and apply it to your copy of airtime, but to do this you need to have basic knowledge of coding and linux. If you dont know how to do this then unfortunately no one can help you from a distance (unless someone takes your money for this and you dont need to give your money to noone since the code is there and free as it should be, so if someone offers you something like this to apply my code then please inform me first).
    Maybe you can find a friend who knows a little bit from coding and from linux and just ask him to apply the code for you.
    Always ALWAYS keep a backup of the files first.
    If you find someone who can help you for free (just apply the code but with your responsibility if anything goes wrong) and you want my help then i will be glad to help.
  • I have a little knowledge of computers but not Linux, and certainly no friends they can do this.
    I would appreciate when you can help me, maby by teamvieuwer or Any other way.
    Can we discussie this by email.
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  • I will try to find some time within the week and we will see...