[HELP] Listener stats not working [Airtime 2.5.1]
  • Hello,

    I'm using Airtime 2.5.1 for over a year and the listener stats always worked but the last month it got stuck. I tried everything but as far as I know it should work, but it doesn't. So I hope someone is able to help me with this problem. I've made some screenshots from my Airtime so you can check everything in order to help me better.

    http://puu.sh/lOXnt/fc62418483.png (Listener stats)
    http://puu.sh/lOXp0/c85c6be7f8.png (Streams)

    I hope someone is able to solve this problem, thanks in advance.

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  • Well as it says in your screenshot, the password (admin password) for the stream is wrong (this is not the airtime admin password but the icecast/shoutcast password)
    This is the password that you use to login to the administration in the shoutcast web page that according to your screenshot should be http://s5.pilovali.nl:8000/