Disconnect From Streams If No Show Scheduled
  • Hi -

    Would like to be able to do the following. Example -

    8am to 9am  Show 1
    9am to 10am NO SHOW
    10am to 11am Show 2

    So at 8am Airtime connects to the stream(s) in Stream settings and then at 9am it disconnects from those streams.
    At 10am it connects again to the streams and then disconnects at 11am.

    Is this possible ?

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  • Ed,

    Did you try to schedule this as you have written?

  • Hey,

    i've the same question, just look here:

    But there is - maybe - no solution for this?

    Best regards,
  • line 153 of the ls script handles when nothing is schedule something like this should work

    #default = amplify(id="silence_src", 0.00001, noise()) # comment this is just a low noise change to
    default = blank(id="",duration=7200.)#where duration is in sec an is 2hrs (2x60x60)

    sending a blank should ,I think disconnect you since no metadata is sent

    I can hardly think of a practical use of this unless you are on metered based data.

    Alternative just write a bash script that send the network down and a cronjob to do that task AND TO BRING IT BACK UP

    look at the AT and EXEC api

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