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  • Здравствуйте. Как я могу изменить перенаправления страницу с / Войти на другую?
    Я изменил файлы конфигурации в  папке apache2 и airtime, но это не сработало.
    Hello. How can I change the redirect рage / Login to the other ?
    I changed the configuration files to the apache2 folder and airtime, but it did not work out .
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  • Vitaly,

    What do you want to redirect the login page to?
  • The virtual host is where redirecting are done for http.

    sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-avaailable/airtime-vhost.conf

    Since v2.5.1 it is recommended to use https as the login

    Redirect permanent /login https://localhost/login

    but I assume thats not what you really want ,but instead ,you want to use another port if you already have a webserver or other service on port 80

    in that case

    • set a listen port in ports.conf  like say port 8080
    • edit the virtual host in virtual-host.conf to be <VirtualHost *:8080>
    • edit the /etc/airtime/api_client.cfg port to 8080
    • edit the /etc/airtime/airtime.conf port to 8080
    • restart apache

    you can now have both a Webserver on port 80 and your Airtime on 8080

    Good Luck

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