I can't see imported files and Importing process never end
  • Hi everyone, Airtime few days ago, stopped add the imported files and there is much activity in the log, but not what happens. Can you help me? Thank you

    my system: ubuntu 12.04 airtime 2.5.1
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  • Hi Luis,

    Were the files moved?  The log shows a lot of files deleted from the library and added.

    It stopped/crashed because it couldn't find '/mnt/xto/Songs/Marcos Witt/2014 Sigues siendo Dios /Enlace hacia Algo Sucede  Marcos Witt .mp3'

    It looks like it didn't start again after the media monitor was restarted.
  • look in the problem folders


    Also you need to put an mount points in the /etc/fstab so that it will be mounted t boot time
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