Dead or no Dead?
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    Airtime is still in development? Or is thise project dead?

    Airtime on github Last Update 5 months ago and later

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  • You would better to look at  here to see what issues are priorities and as far as I know.priority is on bug fixes and updating the pro version

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  • Thx,

    Question :

    What a stable Version without bug can i use unter headless Server ubuntu 14.04.3?
  • Why Ubuntu? Use Debian Wheezy (7.9) + this 
  • I have now version from github, 2.5.1a on a ubuntu server with ligiudsoap from airtime and without silan, works perfekt now :D
  • So not many chances to get an upgrade to 2.5.1-6 using "official" debs??
    And mainly back to the OP, not many chances to maintain Airtime as an open, alive, project? :|

  • Team SoFab wants you to buy dot pro services. Gitting the shiny new code would cannibalize dot pro. La fin.
  • What is "SoFab"?
  • Andy said:What is "SoFab"?

    I reckon is "SourceFabric". Roger Wilco said:Team SoFab wants you to buy dot pro services. Gitting the shiny new code would cannibalize dot pro. La fin.

    In my humble opinion this is the
    usual situation every opensource project goes through at some point, and is of course understandable. 
    But thank God the great majority manage to see that the "financial" part of the project can survive with other methods, not necessarily the ones used by private soft companies and other capitalist (or call it as u want, I guess the point is clear) entities. 
    I understand that SourceFabric is actually an endeavour that encourages the Libre/Open Source vision from their bases. I quote from their "about open source" page "We want to provide the highest quality software that is flexible enough to adapt to the rapidly changing industry in which we are operating. We believe that this can happen through collective brains working on open, accessible, shared technology."
    So lets hope the SouceFabric team can manage to maintain the Airtime project alive and "Libre", and also lets try to help them achieve this goal. We understand is not easy to give support to a community of users that is not paying for the service directly, but for sure is giving back something somehow.
    It would be useful for everyone if the SoFab team could make explicitly clear what are the needs, or where could the community help somehow. Reading the forums its quite obvious that there's a lot of power users that are giving a lot back. 
    And if there are no intentions of maintain the project as open, we could try to fork it? :-/

    thanks a lot SoFab team once again for this great soft that is allowing a lot of users from parts of the world quite far away from the "1st world"  that otherwise could not afford or get even close to smtg similar!!!

    Matias, from Argentina, South America