Blank screens
  • I just installed Newscoop 4.4.6.  My problem is when i setup a publication assign a them, create sections and add a few articles.  When I go to view or preview every instance is blank screen.
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  • If you're themes are set-up correctly it could be a few different reasons.

    Some themes might use the legacy plugins ( so you would need to install and enable them. To install them, just download the zip of the repository and copy the debate, poll, recaptcha and soundcloud directories to the folder <path_to_newscoop_installation>/plugins/ . Then in the backend go the the plugins management, then go to Legacy plugins manager (right top), enable all plugins and hit save.

    Another reason can be is that the default article type news doesn't have the correct name for it's body field, that should be full_text for most themes. 

    As last newer themes use a playlist to display articles on the homepage. The playlist should be called exactly: Front page .
  • Thank you  I will try all you recommend