Can't Access Airtime Outside LAN
  • Hey Sourcefabric Community, 

    I am having some terrible issues with accessing my Airtime web pages outside of my LAN at my house. 
    It redirects to the local IP it seems. 

    I type in my external IP and redirects to the inside IP on my computer running the Airtime. 

    Note: Airtime is running on a physical machine and not using virtualbox or a emulator. 

    Any idea? 
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    I came across a similar issue with a fresh manually installed v2.5.2.1 from inside the LAN.
    Opening airtime from airtime-server itself with firefox works without a problem.
    But when I want to open airtime ( through firefox from another computer inside the LAN it redirects to http://localhost/login

    seems to be an issue with the v-host, not sure though what's the issue with it...
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