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  • Hi,
    I want to install airtime in a directory for e.g. (without https)
    Could you please tell me how to do it, I tried to search online but couldn't find any solution.

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    • You need to become familiar with domains and subdomains
    • you also will need root privilege ,if this s shared hosting they will not give you such permission,try invest in a cheap vps
    • You need some basic terminal and linux skills
    If all that is in place,then you should RTFM. found here
 ===================> webfolders (html or php)
    (Known as TLD - top level domain)
    ||   ===================> webfolders (html or php)
    (known as sudomain)

    Airtime needs a number of services ,dependencies,scripts and cronjobs.

    while some shared hosting will allow cronjobs they certainly will not allow most scripts and services
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  • Thanks for your comment, I am familiar with domains/subdomains and airtime is currently hosted on a vps with enough resources. It is hosted on and I want it to be as I have something else configured under the www directory.
    I followed the instructions on the link you provided to install airtime, still I couldn't find out how to install airtime in a directory. Any further help will be much appreciated.  
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    Hi Keshav,

    After you install the latest version of Airtime, open up your /etc/airtime.conf file and look for the base_dir setting. It's set to "/" by default, but if you change that to "/airtime", it should change the directory that Airtime appears to be served from, like you want.

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  • Hi Albert,

    It didn't work. It is still the same. Any other solution? Can I host airtime on a different port? e.g
    Could you also tell me how to disable https?

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