[Help] Problems With Station Time
  • I just installed Airtime in my VPS in NYC. And I've been having this issue that when I change station time zone it doesn't affect it. It doesn't change. I've tried restarting a couple of Airtime's services to see if that could work but didn't... So I was wondering if someone could help me out?. Please. Thank You!
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  • Did you try editing php.ini files?
    There's a timezone setting in that.
  • No, but I will try that out! Thanks!
  • Well... It didn't work. Don't know what the problem could be. Is there something else that could help?
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    Is this the station timezone in the System->Preferences menu, or the timezone that you're viewing the station in? 

    (Click on your username in the top-right corner of Airtime to see your user preferences. There's a separate setting for what timezone you're viewing the station in.)

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  • Yes it is! I got it in the user menu. I didn't see that there was another option for the time zone there, thanks a lot!.