Bulk library file editing? How to assign ID3 tag mood?
  • Hi.

    Is this possible? As far as I can see you can only edit a single library file at once. If I upload an entire album of tracks and I want to tag the mood I have to do it one by one, is there a way to bulk edit a selection of files, similar to how media players like iTunes work?

    Also, the tags for the files - how do I upload mp3s with the 'mood' tag already completed. I've tried amending all the of ID3 tags available in iTunes and nothing correlates to the mood tag.

    Thank you.
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  • Try mp3tag (http://www.mp3tag.de/en/) It works well.
  • Normally you should prepare your songs before you upload the media as per

    My suggestion is that you copy  your music directory to somewhere else.
    Use one of the bulk tag methods,then upload them back.

    The disadvantage is if the artist and album were incorrect,when first upload, it might result in duplicates.which has to be remove
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  • Thanks for the message, we do upload media with as correct tags as we can add. But not all the ID3 fields can be set from iTunes/Songbird.

    For example, Label cannot be set with iTunes and we use Label on Airtime.
  • Mike, it is simple and you can do it without moving any files. I use easyTAG. You can modify multiple files and multiple tags at the same time. This works because of an undocumented "feature": Airtime media monitor notices file changes in both the import and watch directories and updates the database when it detects file changes :)
  • Hi Wade, I looked into that easyTAG program you recommended but it doesn't deal with the Label tag (not as far as I could see) and seems to be similar in scope and power to iTunes ability to tag files.
  • Hi, I have the same problem. I add the tag "MOOD" with mp3Tag in an mp3 tag. After the upload of this file through the AirTime 'Add Media' feature, the 'Mood' metadata is empty.

    AirTime version : 2.5.1
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