Butt 0.1.14 is dead with AIRTIME !!
  • Shit.. I missed a live broadcast because the last version (0.1.14) is not compatible with airtime !!

    Download 0.1.13 version now here http://sourceforge.net/projects/butt/files/butt/
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  • I wrote with the developer, he said that butt sends a PUT request to the server to test if it is icecast 2.4 or earlier. A real icecast server before version 2.4 does not respond to a PUT, so the client will then try to send a SOURCE. The problem now is that airtime's liquidsoap harbor answers with a 404 which butt doesn't expect. So it hangs. Maybe this could be fixed in airtime.

    To make it work with airtime, you just need to comment out the if.


            //if (i == 0)
                // Try PUT method first. Supported since icecast 2.4.0
            //    if(cfg.srv[cfg.selected_srv]->mount[0] != '/')
            //        snprintf(send_buf, sizeof(send_buf), "PUT /%s HTTP/1.1\r\n",
            //                cfg.srv[cfg.selected_srv]->mount);
            //    else
            //        snprintf(send_buf, sizeof(send_buf), "PUT %s HTTP/1.1\r\n",
            //                cfg.srv[cfg.selected_srv]->mount);

                if(cfg.srv[cfg.selected_srv]->mount[0] != '/')
                    snprintf(send_buf, sizeof(send_buf), "SOURCE /%s HTTP/1.0\r\n",
                    snprintf(send_buf, sizeof(send_buf), "SOURCE %s HTTP/1.0\r\n",

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  • Yes, some kind of an issue there. I am also unable to connect to Airtime/Icecast2. I tested another server where I am running Centovacast/Shoutcast and that did work.

  • Are you using 1.14 from a windows computer or virtual?
    I will correct my self I am using the deb 1.13.I too had an issue with 1.14

    19 to go

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  • Good catch guys
  • Just to confirm, 0.1.13 works and 0.1.14 is where this PUT behavior was added... correct?
  • I checked the source of 0.1.13 and it is as you said. The put comes in 0.1.14.

    I tested 0.1.13 on windows and it works!
  • Should be a doddle for us to change that!
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  • Anyhow I have a webrtc version nearly finished ;)

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  • Will it work with IE11 =))
  • It works with all up-to-date modern browsers and most phones. :) So no, it doesn't work with IE11 (they are late), without a plugin. Just the up-to-date ones are supported. :) Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Midori, Link2, Safari etc. are all fine.
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    John is available on github ?
    I'm really exited to test it ;-)
  • No its not. What I am trying to do is a web page for phone-in live broadcasts.
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  • Hi! 
    I have BUTT and MIXX both installed in my pc and i am not able to connect it with airtimepro even after going through many videos and comments on this forum. 
    I am trying to go live on xikdunyo.airtime.pro
    1440 x 900 - 202K
    1440 x 900 - 121K
  • Have you forwarded port 8001 on your router to your pc? If not your router's firewall is blocking it.
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  • Sakhi!! Your source connection address looks slightly wrong. Try http://xikdunyo.in.airtime.pro on port 8001. Also maybe double check that you didn't include the port number in the address box since there is a separate field for it.
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  • Hi, has anyone tried this issue with Airtime 2.5.2?? is it still there?

  • Yes, Matias - just now found this thread and discovered the PUT was our whole issue.  We are running the latest automatic install for Ubuntu and once we downgraded Butt, it works/connects fine now.
  • We switched to m3w streamer.  Works great.
    Butt only works directly with icecast2 now.