Demonstration Server???
  • I've successfully installed Booktype 2.0 in a Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine... Now that I finally have it up and running, the "About" section at the footer of the main page states the following: "This is a demonstration server for Booktype. This server is reset on a
    regular basis, and any books created here will be deleted at that time."

    Is this true??? I need to set up a production server for our intranet... what can I do??

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    this is a beta version, not for use
    the final version will be available soon
    When exactly, I don't know, but soon :D
  • Hi Jaime!

    Yes, nicely spotted. It is clearly wrong. The text is leftover from the mockup screen designer did. I will write a ticket for this and as Albert mention it is still in beta.

  • Thank you!!! Looking forward to the final version... one last question, would it be easy to upgrade from this beta to the final one?

    I mean... should I start playing with it (creating books & users) and easily migrate the data to the final version or should I install 1.6 instead??

    If you could please give me an approximate deadline for the final version that would be really helpful... I mean, do you think it'll take weeks? months?

    Thanks!! So far I think it's a great product!!
  • Hi Jaime!

    Clearly, it will be easier to upgrade from existing 2.0. The structure of files, configuration files and etc has changed from 1.6, so some manual tuning will be required for this. Besides that, data  will be easily converted from 1.6. That will not be an issue.

    Beta will be in much better phase in something like 1 month, then we will start some serious testing for it. Release will be sometime later on because we need to update the documentation, scripts, fix some bugs we have and etc.