Airtime Video Streaming
  • Can't it be applied to use -exactly as it is- for streaming video files?
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    only for os X and Windows (soon on Gnu/Linux) :
  • I love the system architecture of that. It is just as it should be. Plugin support as well. :)

    Live RTMP streaming :( oh well.. Nice expensive licences to pay for
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  • Thanks Albert!
  • I wish Airtime could stream video files as it does audio files :(
  • Liquidsoap can handle certain video formats and so can Icecast - so it shouldn't be too hard to add another mime type

    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
  • Agree with you John. Besides it would be a very nice feature.
  • There is a linux version of

    Found Here

    Here is what you ought to do

    if you want rtmp only then use crtmpserver
    if you want other codecs like hls and dash then look for nginxrtmp (or something like that)

    if you push to ustreamtv then do a direct push from obs
    crtmpserver and nginxrtmp has some issues with ustream
    Jwplayer and flowplayer works great for website

    Jplayer (prepared to do some tinkering)


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