Installing Booktype on a shared server
  • Hello, we provide self-publishing services and would like to make booktype available for our customers who may wish to format their own books. Our website is hosted on a shared server

    There is support for PHP (v 5.3) and a mySQL installation. If there is any information required to decide whether or not an installation of Booktype can be made, I can ask them.

    I am sorry if this discussion has happened before. In which case, I request you to kindly point me to it.


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  • Hi Leo,

    I have done this in the past with Booktype 1.6 and it can be challenging unless you have a very supportive service provider (I use Webfaction).

    Anyway, as a minimum, you need
    • Python 2.x (for Booktype 1.6)
    • To be able to install Django 1.3
    • Either Postgres or SQLite (Java), preferably Postgres for a production system
    • Shell Access

    PHP and MySQL are not used by Booktype


    Rob Hills
    Waikiki, Western Australia