Airtime reads 2 hour MP3 as 1 hour, despite preview seeing the full 2 hours.
  • On our station some shows send in a pre-record that we schedule.

    A show coming up later today is actually 2hours in length but when uploaded to Airtime it shows the MP3 length as 1:00:00 exactly. Previewing the file within Airtime shows the correct MP3 length and you can skim along the timeline anywhere.

    But scheduling the show it only shows up as an hour, and has the yellow highlight added to the show, indicating there is some content but not enough content.

    How do I get Airtime to recognise this 2 hour MP3 as what is. Seems strange that it reads it as exactly 1:00:00 when it is actually 2: 01:20 in length.

    Any ideas? 
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  • Is anyone able to shed some light on this?
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    Hi Mike,

    Are you on Ubuntu 14.04 by any chance?

    We just identified a bug in the "silan" utility that Airtime uses to determine cue in/out points (and file durations) that sounds very similar to this:

    I've tried to contact the upstream developer of silan and I'll update that bug ticket once we figure out what the best solution to this is.

    Airtime Developer @ Sourcefabric
  • This Maybe valuable

    it show how to upgrade the silian

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    I filed an upstream bug in silan and Robin has provided a new build that resolves this problem:

    You can download that statically compiled binary for yourself to get an immediate fix, but we'll also try to get an updated silan DEB package into our repository ASAP...
    Airtime Developer @ Sourcefabric