BUG: Two Shows playing at once. [Workaround]
  • I had a linked-content repeating show scheduled for today and deleted it.
    The time slot showed empty
    I scheduled a new a linked-content repeating show for this (now empty) time slot. 'The Gralien Report Latest' 2014-02-14 12:00-14:00
    Both the 'deleted'' and the new shows played simultaneously.
    Now Playing said the show was EMPTY
    Current Said 'Nothing Scheduled' But 'The Gralien Report Latest' was showing as playing.

    Cancelling the current show had no effect on the playout!

    Restarting Liquid soap did not help.
    A full server reboot did not help.

    Airtime Postgresql dump is here: http://www.deprogrammedradio.com/denise.zip

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  • And now I have the same show playing twice now. Another linked- content show.

    If anyone suggests I wipe the database and start again - YET AGAIN - I will scream.

    I first installed AT243 last June. and now 2 versions later the calendar/scheduler part of Airtime is still as badly behaved as then, at least in my configuration. This product is not fit for purpose.

    My live station will have to be taken off air, probably permanently this time. Nobody is taking us seriously anymore - almost every week there is another database problem/misbehaviour and days lost. My advertisers just laugh now. They don't pay - they just laugh. It is a true financial disaster for us.

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  • I just deleted the current show - and one copy stopped the other continues and is unstoppable.
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  • We have been forced to take the station offline. Again.
    I think I now have a clue now as to what is going on, which could partially explain this. I think it is 2 bugs and an unusual situation, in combination.
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  • Bug investigation is ongoing, but it seems to be related to editing the show repeat days in linked shows. This can result in the wrong start time for the show in the playout schedule by a multiple of + or - (24 hours minus the show length) resulting in show lengths of like show length -21hrs 12 minutes.

    Albert Santoni pointed me at the Playing Now view where these errors can be seen, as can shows that play silently - they show up there as <empty> when in the add content screen shows content.

    Clean up first. Remove any shows showing the errors and strange times and lengths in Now Playing.

    If two shows are playing
    concurrently - cancel the scheduled show. Then go back to the Now Playing
    view and the other playing show now appears. Delete the offending show tracks in 'Now Playing'. Then delete the entire show including repeats in the usual way.

    DONT edit repeating linked show Days, Start & End Date and TITLE. Editing Show Times (not date) and other stuff seem to be OK.

    I have recovered stable operations by doing this and avoided a database wipe..

    Other note. Changing a repeating show from fixed date length repeat to 'No End' doesn't work and hangs the browser - at least in Firefox.
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  • I encountered a similar situation and figured out that when a previous show has excess content, sometimes it does not cut off when the endtime of that show expires so the next show begins and two tracks are heard simultaneously. 

    Even when I've stopped the current show, the excess show from the previous show still plays. Because previous shows cannot be edited, access to stop the excess tracks from being played is unavailable except if the station is taken off air. 

    1. Stop the current show playing 
    2. Allow the excesses of the previous show to finish, hopefully you do not have 24hrs of excesses. Note you have no means currently, to stop the previous show that did not stop because of the excesses as previous shows can not be edited or of course stopped. (I believe this is the bug) :(
    3. Remove the content of all future linked shows with excesses. Note: Removing all content is a better option than trying to delete the excesses which will cause a freeze. 
    4. Re-populate the shows whose content was removed with content that does not create a significant overflow. 
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  • Follow up: Same issue is occurring again, this time its the same show playing over itself and not as in the previous occurrence I described above where the overlap of excess content in a previous show was still playing itself out while the current show still plays. The bug is really annoying. Does anyone have a solution yet?
  • I had the same problem, in my case it was due to a repeating show with a web stream, the duration of the web stream was longer than the show duration then the offending show was overlapping the one that should be playing at that time. The solution in my case was to create different web stream durations for the same stream to accommodate the shows and program it to fill the shows exactly, avoiding excess content in the show (+0s). (Sorry for my english, i think it is quite understandable)
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  • We are having the same issue as John. But we cant make the workaround work since nothing shows up in "Now Playing" after cancelling the scheduled show. We just listen other tracks and see them appear in the "playout history". 
    Any hints please? 

    I see the issue is fixed in 2.5.2, any release date known?
  • Any hints to try to look at the database and clean up the error?

    or is there any other place I should ask?

    thanks again!
  • What I posted works for me.. Too Often.

    This bug has been around for 14 months minimum in my experience.

    The team have 'more important' things to do I guess.
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  • yeah, I cant believe its been "fixed" in february and we are still having to deal with it :/
    do you think that the fact that I cant use your workaround is due to have been caused by a different action? I mean, from the list of causes you mentioned ("DONT edit repeating linked show Days, Start & End Date and TITLE.") Im quite certain that we changed the end date (it didnt have one set before) maybe you edited smtg else?
    anyhow, Im trying to get into AT's database to see if I can clean up the error... wish me luck %%- (or point me to a place where I can read smtg about the structure... :)
    thanks for help!!

  • I guess I would start by looking in the show instances table for show instances that do not have a valid show attached? IE orphaned instances.
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  • from what Im seeing in "show_instances" everything is ok, but in "schedule" seems to be the mess...
    Ill see if I can clean that up cause theres quite a lot of entries overlapping...
    thanks again... 
  • Hello again, 2.5.2 is finally out!  :-bd 
    We're still waiting for .deb packages upgrades to be available but very happy about the news!

    In the meanwhile I was wondering if upgrading an existing installation which had had some of this overlapping issues in the past would clean it up? Or are there any precautions or suggestions to be taken?

    Thanks again to the Airtime community and the Sourcefabric team for this great system and for the reference this project is in the whole world! 
  • Hi, sorry to bump this issue, but are there any news regarding the bug? or the 2.5.2 debs?
    Thanks for any hints!