Newscoop 4.2 installer error (timeout during database install)
  • Hello, any help on the following problem with the Newscoop 4.2 installer would be appreciated (there were no problems when installing Newscoop 4.0.4, so I am assuming changes have been made to the installer in version 4.2):

    Our advanced technical team was able to fix the initial issue with the phar PHP extension. However we're still unable to successfully install Newscoop on your account. During the database install the installer errors out with an Internal Server error. The Apache error log displays the following.

    Script timed out before returning headers: index.php, referer:

    I've added a custom php.ini file to your account and raised the timeouts but unfortunately the installation will still not get past the database installation. I have verified that your account is not being limited in anyway by the server so this appears to be an issue with the Newscoop installer.
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  • If the Sourcefabric team are not prepared to answer my straightforward question, can anyone tell me where I can find a 'changelog' which lists all version 4.0.x files that were modified/updated to create Newscoop 4.2 since I can't find a detailed list anywhere.

  • I think that the problem with NewsCoop... no answers...
  • I suppose this is the list you wanted, Simon:
    It's a lot of changes!